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Marc on Flea Market Flip w/ Lara Spencer!!

Flea Market Flip shows viewers how a little cash can go a long way with the right amount of creativity. Each week a plethora of amazing items will be showcased by our teams as they creatively use their eye for style and some elbow grease to turn these leftovers into a main course by the show’s conclusion. Given only $500, our Flea Market Flip contestants will scour the booths and tents in search of items they can buy, fix and then flip for a higher sum. With each team battling it out to win all of the profits earned that day, the true winner will be the viewer at home, who will have a variety of exciting ideas to inspire them as they begin their next project around their own home! In this episode Marc and stepbrother Dion refinish a pair of mid century bar stools , create a multi functional table out of 5 ton jacks, and transform some vintage frames until end tables.

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Mad Men Last Season So Start your First Season!!

The last season (or half season) of Mad Men is nearly here and we can’t wait to see what happens to Don Draper and his inner circle. Even more so, we’re excited to see what styles this season will showcase. Hint – we’re expecting it to go full on 1970s.

But before the final season airs this weekend, we thought we’d take a look at some of my favorite sets. From a dark and masculine mid century modern to bright and cheerful streamlined eclectic boho, the spaces are timely and inspiring. It’s hard not to love the various pieces from the set so we’ll show you how to achieve the same look by shopping at…











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