So yes, this Steve Lewis–designed place, furnished by Home and Apartment, is pretty spectacular: the bar is covered in stained glass and there’s brocading all over the walls. The custom banquettes and upholstered tables inspired by the interior of a 1965 ford with stitching and buttons. You probably don’t need an excuse to go here beyond “scotch in a sultry setting.” But, hey, here are three anyway…

There’s a Low-Key Happy Hour
Sure, the dive bar is gone. But the infamous Stanton Public drink specials… well, those persevered. So after the office and before your dinner: perfectly fine time to tie one (or two for the price of one) on here.

You Can Dance if You Want To
Around 11pm, the door will tighten up. That’s also when they’ll bring out the DJ, hide the flat-screens and encourage rhythmic gyrating atop the ring of pin-tucked black banquettes. Of course, by rhythmic gyrating we mean the running man.

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