You don’t need a big budget to renew your space for Spring. Here are our 5 Top Tips to refresh your space and bring a little beauty to any room.
1) Add a splash of color: Chartreuse, a color halfway between yellow and green is one of our favorite hues. It’s a really great way to bring the outdoors inside and add the warmth of spring to your space. This color can be incorporated by adding plants, painting, throw pillows or adding a fabric panel to the wall.

2) Bring in the Light: If you have any dark curtains, pull them down and add sheers in a nautral material such as linen. This is an awesome way to add just enough coverage and keep the neighborhood out. We love these Faux Linen Grommet Curtains found on Overstock.com for $49.99

3) Add a new furniture piece with a bright colored fabric or you can upholster a piece that you already have. Check out our Mid Century Baltic Blue Buttoned Sofa on our site located under the category section.

4) Add a fresh coat of paint. Check out the Spring Color Combinations by Benjamin Moore.

Sail into Spring

First Signs of Spring

5) Simply washing the windows. I know it sounds boring, but whipping out the Windex can give your windows a fresh sparkly glimmer and add a world of a difference. We also suggest hanging crystal above the window. When the sun begins to set, the crystal will drench colorful ranibow rays all over your space. If you are in New York, Pearl River Mart in Chinatown carries hanging crystal balls in all sizes. Or you can order online at http://www.pearlrivermart.com.