Pic Taken from Traditional Home

We love the color purple and all it’s various hues, if you haven’t already noticed from our website. The color is inspirational, so we were ecstatic to see it being used by many interior designers and highlighted as the “it” color in many current home decor magazines. It’s definitely a color with a wide range of decorating possibilities, especially as a way to add sophistication and glamour to any room. Traditionally, it’s a color known to symbolize royalty but from a modern perspective, purple can add an element of freshness to a room. And, depending on the hue, it’s a color that can take on masculine and feminine qualities. Think about your personality or what you want to feel in your space. The use of deeper hues like amethyst or plum can evoke edge, strength, and warmth but lighter hues, such as lavender, can add coolness, glamour and delicacy. If committing to an entire room painted in any shade of purple may seem overwhelming, we suggest trying it out on an accent piece. Our Mid Century French Provincial Soft Purple Chair, featured in our sold section, was recently upholstered in a soft purple velvet like fabric. We think adding the color definitely brought out the chair’s detailing on the legs and overall inner beauty.

Tell us what you think about Purple or have you used in any of your home decorating projects?