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Why do we love mid-century furniture,specifically? Mid-Century furniture is described as furniture made in the 50’s-late 70’s. We find that these pieces have character and quality, hard to come by in today’s furniture market. Mid-Century designers created pieces that epitomized smooth, sleek and uncluttered lines. Home and Apartment by Marc feels that home decor should reflect one’s personality and style, and enhance a space. Though our passion is Mid-Century, at times we will showcase pieces that represent other styles, for example our Italian Roma sectional currently featured on the home page.
We are truly inspired by what see in home design magazines, and this inspiration translates into how we view our customers. Perusing, a past issue of Architectural Digest we came across the below mahogany spoon back chair created by Belgium furniture designer, Axel Vervoordit. We thought it reminded us of our lovely mid-century armchair with back rest, featured on our homepage. The chair on our site is a modern take on the classical elements found in Vervoordit’s piece with one special similarity, gold casters on the legs.
Axel Vervoordit

Home and Apartment by Marc

Functional Furniture:
Isn’t it cool to purchase a piece that has storage already built into it? We think so, because it offers a space saving solution. If you’re short on built-in storage, like closets, try to select pieces that have compartments, and are transportable. Trunk and chairs are a great way to keep organized and are easy to move from room to room.
The below trunk, also known as a treasure chest, is a great place to store linens, sweaters, toys etc. We think it looks awesome at the end of the bed or anywhere you would like to add texture or ruggedness to a room. Also, check out our Mid Century Armless Accent Chair with built in storage. When you lift up the seat it’s like the chair is saying, “Feed me your things.”

Mid Century Armless Accent Chair with storage in the seat

Share with us, your thoughts/ideas on functional furniture?